a few credit building
opportunities to consider

Credit Cards:

Practical Financial Advice You Can Count on


A regular credit card designed for individuals with less than perfect credit.


This type of card is just what it says: secured. For the privilege of having a $200 to $1000 credit card, you must deposit that much money with the credit grantor.

Credit reports

Making sure that your credit report(s) are accurately reporting accounts that were part of your bankruptcy as "included in bankruptcy". Some accounts may still show open and/or overdue.

Get a FREE copy of your credit report and score with your FREE 30-day Experian Triple Advantage trial. You’ll also get credit alerts from all national bureaus, info on disputing items on your report, and more

Credit repair

Using A Third Party Company Can Help Clear Up Inaccurately Reported Items On Your Credit Report(S) Can Rapidly Increase Your Credit Score.
Lexington is a law firm specializing in repairing credit reports. We have helped over 200,000 Americans repair their credit reports by removing inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable information. From bankruptcies to charge-offs to tax liens, we have challenged virtually every credit problem under the sun & deleted over 500,000 items this year alone. 
When you obtain new credit after a bankruptcy, it is essential to take steps to ensure that you use this credit to effectively rebuild increase your credit score.
Here Are A Few Tips That May Help You:
  • Make your payments on time, all the time.
  • Next to making your payments on time, paying down your balance will improve your credit score.
  • Only use 30% of your credit limit and pay the balance off in full each month.
  • Get into the habit of only charging what you can pay off in a month.
  • Remember that maxing out your credit cards hurts yours credit score.